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Exposed Stainless Steel Urinal Sensor F5

F5 Urinal Sensor is made of stainless steel to give elegant look and rigidity to the sensor unit. It can be easily fitted in public toilets. The F5 Urinal Sensor is very compact with inbuilt battery pack. There are various advantages of installing our automatic urinal sensor.

1) Proper cleanliness and Sanitation

Having sensor urinal, you are ensured that everything is cleaned automatically and properly without the use of hands. Even if at any time, a person forgets to flush the auto flush feature takes care of it.

2) Long Life Span

As it is hands-free, there is less wear and tear and no mishandling which lessens the chance of any damage. This makes sensor urinals last longer.

3) Reduces water wastage

The main advantage of sensor urinals is that they are sensitive to movement and flush only when it is needed so they reduce water being wasted. You will always see a time delay in one flush to another so the user just can’t flush again and again.

4) Easy to use

These are very easy to use units for elderly and young children as it completely flushes the waste material maintaining hygiene, unlike the traditional flush systems that at times do incomplete flushing.

Installing F5 Urinal Sensor in just 3 steps

Here we will guide few simple steps to Install our F5 Urinal sensor in your restroom. There is no special skill set required.

Step 1: Remove your existing valves from the pipeline.

f5 angle cock valve
Angle Cock Valve
f5 push valve
Push Valve

Unscrew the existing angle cock valve or push valve from the pipeline. Instead in that place the F5 sensor unit has to be placed.

Step 2: Screw the F5 Sensor Urinal unit.

f5 stainless steel urinal sensor

In the backside you can see the male threaded inlet port. Just Screw that portion of the F5 Sensor Unit in the female threaded portion from where the Angle Cock Valve is removed.

Before fixing the sensor urinal unit into the pipeline, ensure that the pipeline is free from any dust particles and sediments. If found clear them by removing it by opening the water flow.

It is very important to ensure no dust / sediment particles enter into the unit.

The Dimensions of the F5 Sensor Unit can be found in the following link. F5 Sensor Urinals Dimension

Step 3: Connect Water Hose between Sensor Unit and Urinal Bowl

f5 auto flush installation view

Now Connect the F5 Urinal Sensor and Urinal Bowl or Spreader

That’s It Now the F5 Urinal Sensor is ready to go.

Functions of F5 Urinal Sensor

It has got Pre Flush and Post Flush Program. When the user comes in front of the sensor it flushes the bowl for 1 second this is called Pre Flush. Also after the usage when the user leaves the bowl, it flushes for 4 to 6 seconds. This is called as Post Flushing.

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