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wireless motorized valve iot

Remote Farming

A New way of Farming with amalgamation of Agriculture and Technology is a modern method to increase the yield, quality and profitability. Remote farming is done by monitoring and managing farms remotely using modern techniques like farm equipment automation, internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Range of Sanitaryware Automation Products

drinking water dispenser icon

Drinking Water Dispenser

Touchfree Drinking Water Dispenser is an infrared activated dispenser for water coolers. It works on zero gravity pressure with our Motorized Valve. It can be fitted onto all type of coolers.

foot operated kitchen taps

Foot Operated Kitchen Taps

Foot Operated taps give a handsfree kitchen tap operation and the flexibility to use your existing spout. It works with our Motorized Valve for trouble-free function.

knee operated taps

Knee Operated Taps for Scrub

Knee operated taps are used in operation theatre scrub to give handsfreehandfree hand washing experience to the surgeon. It also operates on our Motorized Valve.

made in india


Made in India

All our products are manufactured in India. The concept of indigenous making brings us close to customer expectations, usability and service capabilities.

Range of Motorized Valves

motorized ball valve pvc

Motorized Ball Valve – PVC

Motor operated actuator mounted on a PVC/ UPVC Ball Valve is called a Motorized Ball Valve UPVC. Our cost effective electric valve for agriculture applications.

motorized true union ball valve

Motorized UPVC True Union Valve

Electric Actuator is used to open and close the UPVC Ball Valve. True union connection is very easy to fit the valve in the pipeline. Available in voltage 12V DC, 24V DC and 220V AC

motorized cpvc ball valve

CPVC Motorized Ball Valve

Motorized Ball Valve in CPVC  is good for hot water application. It is also used for a few industrial chemical applicaions. Available in Electrical Actuator in ON/OFF or Modulating type.

Electric ball valve PP

Electric Ball Valve – PP

Motorized PP (Poly Propylene) Ball Valve is used for various Industrial Chemical Applications. Available in ON-OFF /  4-20 mA Modulating / 0-10 VDC Modulating

motorized ball valve brass

Motorized Ball Valve – Brass

Brass ball valve with electric actuator for various water flow control projects. It is available with Open and Close position feedback. Brass Motorized Ball Valves are used in Residential and Commercial buildings.

Electric ball valve PP

Motorized Ball Valve Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel ball valve with electric actuator for various water flow control projects. It is available with Open and Close position feedback. They are used in food grade applications

motorized butterfly valve

Motorized Butterfly Valves

Motorized Butterfly Valves are available in wide range of materials like Cast Iron, Aluminium and Stainless Steel Body. It is used in Building Automation, Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment and Furnaces

motorized butterfly valve with extended stem

Motorized Butterfly Valve Extended Stem

Extended Stem Butterfly valves are used as decanter valves in effluent treatment plants.  So the butterfly valve can be immersed deep inside the tank. The electric actuator will be mounted on top.

motorized gate valve

Motorized Gate Valves

Gate Valve with electric operation is used for big size public water distribution by government water bodies and industrial process plants. They are used for high temperature application since it uses metal to metal seatings.

motorized needle valve

Motorized Needle Valve – High Pressure

Motorized needle valve is used for highly precise pressure control. It is used for feeding fuel for gas burners and related applications. It is available in Proportional control valve with 4-20mA controls.

motorized 3 way control valve

3 Way Motorized Control Valve

Motorized Ball Valve 3 way is used for diverting and mixing applications. It is available in brass and stainless steel materials. Electric actuated 3 way ball valve is available in L Port and T Port.

Touchfree Drinking Water Dispenser

Introducing our touchfree water dispenser for drinking water, which is the safest and hygienic way to use a public water dispenser unit during this COVID 19 pandemic and also all the time.

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s1 touchfree drinking water dispenser

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