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Range of Sensor Taps

We have wide range of Sensor Taps that are made out of Stainless Steel body sensor taps manufactured in Chennai India. Runs on AC and Battery Power. Automatic Water taps are ideal for Water Saving and protects against spread of virus and germs.

Touchfree Sensor Operated

Sensoware Sensor Taps are infrared activated. Hence it does not require user to touch or turn the handles to open the flow of Water.

Stainless Steel Body

Unlike other electronic taps, Sensoware faucets are made out of Stainless Steel. They are not just Chrome Plated over brass. So as a user you get polished finish over a long years.

Water Saving

Our Sensor taps are equipped with a ultra foam flow aerator to save water as well as give user a pleasant hand washing experience.

s3d sensor tap

S3 – Sensor Taps for Wash Basin

Sensor tap that can be directly mounted on top of the basins. It is made of stainless steel and is not simply chrome-plated. Our Automatic sensor tap works on AC power and has a battery backup. This Electronic tap is an Infrared sensor activated with energy-efficient solenoid valve.

S4D – Sensor Faucets for Table Top Wash Basin

Long neck sensor taps give the restroom an elegant look. Sensoware Sensor taps are not only hygienic but also extremely convenient. They are perfectly crafted to suit all sizes of wash basins. This tabletop sensor tap has dual power AC along with battery backup.

s4d sensor tap

A sensor taps or automatic taps allows users to wash their hands without having to touch the levers of a regular tap, hence minimising the risk of cross-contamination when preparing food.

Similarly, in bathrooms there is peace of mind for users knowing they are not exposed to contaminated tapware from previous users, or in fact by having to touch the same lever used before hand-washing. The fact that germs won’t be spread in this environment is a comfort to them and is a positive for any business or institution which uses sensor taps in their bathroom facilities.

Automatic Water Taps to Protect from Virus and Germs

s5 sensor tap

S5 – Sensor Tap

Elegant Sensor Tap with spout mounted sensor for optimum sensing of user’s hands. This gives convenience in hand washing for public restrooms. Sensoware Infrared activated sensor taps use energy-efficient modules for high battery life.

S6D – Concealed Wall Mounted Sensor Tap

Concealed Wall taps operated by Sensors are very elegant and functional. Our Stainless Steel Concealed wall-mounted automatic taps are operated by AC and have battery backup. They are very easy to install.

s6d sensor tap

Water Saving Sensor Faucets

Sensor taps have been proven to provide conservation of water compared with standard taps. Generally, in public areas, where sensor taps are installed, the users are not placing a high priority on being careful with the amount of water they use. Sensor taps can equate to savings as high as 60%, depending on the type of tap being used.

With sensor taps there are several factors which ensure a more efficient use of water. The water flow only occurs when the hands are directly in front of the sensor in the hand washing area. In situations where the user is soaping their hands, or washing their face for example, there is no water running, meaning significant water saving.

Secondly, the foam flow erator mixes air with the water to reduce the quantum of water and give good washing experience.

s7d sensor tap

S7D – Exposed Wall Mounted Automatic Taps

Exposed Wall-Mounted Faucets are easy-to-fit retro-type sensor taps. They will easily convert your hand-washing experience from manual to automatic. The faucets have a universal G1/2 inch BSP threading to easily fit on pipelines. Sensoware Exposed Sensor faucets are battery-operated.

S9 – Sensor Tap

Our S9 Model Automatic Sensor Faucet runs on AC power or with Battery Backup. It has an integrated sensor and valve inside the tap body, so there is no control unit below the deck, which makes it very fast to install.

sensor wash basin tap s9

Frequently Asked Questions

An automatic faucet or sensor tap (also touchless faucet, handsfree faucet, Sensor Faucet, motion sensing faucet, or infrared faucet) is a tap equipped with an infrared sensor and an electromagnetic mechanism to open its valve to allow water to flow in response to the presence of user’s hands in front of the sensor eye.

Sensor taps are classified into 4 broad categories based on the method of mounting or fixing. Wash basin mounted, Counter top or Tap top mounted, Exposed wall mounted and Concealed wall mounted sensor taps.

Yes, of course, the sensor eye needs power continuously to sense the obstacles near its proximity. It can be AC power or battery power. At Sensoware we offer both, AC powered with auto battery backup.

Absolutely no, the AC power is converted into 6V DC using a waterproof sealed transformer before it goes to the sensor eye.

The automatic sensor tap is fitted with a foam flow water-saving aerator. It uses airflow into the aerator and mixes with water to provide a foam flow experience, reducing water usage up to 70%.

There are different models available with us. Also Sensoware Taps are Made in India which makes our pricing very affordable. To know more on pricing contact our Sales Consultant at +917777877855.

See in Action!

All products are shown with wash basins and mounting fixtures for graphical understanding. Standard Sensor Tap will not include basins and fixtures.

Looking for Urinal Sensors

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Wall Mounted Exposed Urinal Sensor

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Stainless Steel Concealed Urinal Sensor

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Stainless Steel Exposed Urinal Sensor