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Motorized Double Flanged Butterfly Valves Cast Iron / WCB

Our Motorized Butterfly Valves are Manufactured by us in Chennai, India. They are very common option among the automation developers for Home Automation and Agriculture. Our Electric actuators can be easily mounted on top of the Butterfly Valve using ISO 5211 standard pads. They are available in ON/OFF and Modulating versions.

electric-actuated-motorized double flanged butterfly valve 150mm

Know about the Valve

A Double-flanged butterfly valve with Electrical Actuator, as the name implicates, has flanges welded to its body – one at the upstream end of the valve and the other at the downstream end of the valve. This type of butterfly valve, used to control, regulate and throttle flow, is the most resilient seated valve design which is usually used for dead-end service.

A Motorized Double-flanged butterfly valve is easier to mount and center, and is also mechanically stronger in construction than lug or wafer design, making it suitable for heavy-duty, large flow-handling scenarios.

Flanged-end valves permits easier installation and removal from pipeline as it is bolted to the mating flanges of other pipes. Huamei will walk you through installation on the proper installation of double-flanged valves to prevent misalignment, which will cause long-term problems in your piping systems.

The disk stands as the flow control element of the valve. It is approximately the same diameter as the inside diameter of the adjoining pipe.

  • The disk rotates on either a vertical or horizontal axis.
  • When the disk lies parallel to the length of the pipe, the valve is fully opened.
  • When the disk approaches the perpendicular position, the valve is shut.
  • For throttling, intermediate positions can be secured in place by handle-locking devices.
  • Applicable for dead-end service.
  • Mechanically stronger in construction
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Can be used as an isolation valve.
  • Compactness in design which requires less space.
  • Quick in operation requiring less time to open or close.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • High-pressure recovery (As compared with the Lug-Style and Wafer Style, Double-Flanged Butterfly Valves present the following major advantages: Easier to mount and center)
  • Most suitable valve for heavy-duty, large flow-handling applications such as wastewater handling systems and sea-water systems.

Marine Applications

Motorized valves play a crucial role in various marine applications, providing control and automation of fluid flow within the system. These valves are designed to handle the demanding conditions and requirements of marine environments, including saltwater exposure and corrosive atmospheres.

Effluent Treatment

Effluent treatment systems often involve multiple treatment stages, such as sedimentation, filtration, biological treatment, and disinfection. Motorized valves are used to regulate the flow of wastewater between these stages, ensuring proper sequencing and optimizing treatment efficiency.

Fire Protection Systems

Motorized valves play a critical role in fire protection systems, providing reliable and efficient control over the flow of water or fire suppression agents. These valves are designed to activate automatically in response to fire alarms or manual triggers, enabling rapid and effective fire control.

Chemicals and Pharmaceutical

Motorized valves are utilized in chemical feed systems, where chemicals or reagents need to be accurately introduced into the process stream. These valves control the flow of chemicals from storage tanks or drums, allowing for precise metering and dosing. Motorized valves are crucial components of CIP systems.

Motorized Double Flanged Butterfly Valve Cast Iron 150mm

Motorized Double Flanged Butterfly Valve Cast Iron Body with SS304 or SS316 Disc. Available in various voltage options like 12V DC, 24V DC or 220V AC. It is available in ON/OFF or Modulating Function. It is manufactured at our factory at Chennai Tamil Nadu, India


Size150mm / 6 Inch flanged Type
MaterialCast Iron Body with SS Disc
Voltage12VDC / 24VDC / 220VAC
Operating Speed10 – 60 Seconds
Pressure RatingPN16
Temperatureupto 80°C
Number of Ports2 Way
Manual Override OptionInbuilt

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