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3-Way Electric Ball Valve Brass

3-way electric ball valves, especially brass ones, offer efficient and reliable control for various fluid management applications. Their ability to automate flow direction with precise electric actuation makes them invaluable in modern fluid systems. A Motorized 3-way control valve shuts off the water flow in one pipe while opening the water flow in another. In a modulating or 3-point floating application, the valve can also mix water from two different pipes into one pipe or divert water from one pipe into two different pipes.

3 way electric ball valve brass

Basic Functions

In simple comparison, a 3-way valve has one more port than a 2-way valve. A two-way valve allows fluid to enter the valve from one port and exit through the other. Having a third port, allows fluid an alternate path of travel, either when exiting or entering the valve. This permits fluid to either exit the valve from more than one point or enter the valve from more than one point.


It is basically used to mix two fluids from 2 pipes into 1 pipe. They can be proportionally controlled using modulating type of valves to accurate mix the 2 components into 1 output.


It is basically used to divert 1 input fluid to 2 lines as and when required. From A to B or A to C. This means at any point of time the input is connected to any one of the output ports.

Different types of Port Configurations

T Port

motorized 3 way ball valve t1
electric 3 way diverting ball valve t3
electric actuated 3 way ball valve t2
mixing 3 way ball valve t4

L Port

motorized 3 way ball valve l1

1-inch 3-Way Electric Ball Valve Brass

Body Material: Brass (provides corrosion resistance and durability). The ball of our 3-way electric ball valve is typically made from stainless steel or chrome-plated brass. This choice is not just about materials; it’s about reliability and ensuring the valve’s consistent performance over time.
Ports Configuration T-Port: Allows flow from one inlet to two outlets or vice versa. L-Port: Directs flow from one inlet to either of two outlets. 1-inch 3-way electric actuated ball valves is very common in industrial and residential applications.


Size25mm / 1 Inch Threaded Ends
MaterialBrass Chrome Plated
Voltage12VDC / 24VDC / 220VAC
Operating Speed7 -10 Seconds
Number of Ports3 Way
Port TypeL or T Ports

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