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Mini Motorized Valves for Vending Machines

Mini Motorized Valves are ball valves that turn open and close the flow of liquid. It is used to control the flow of liquid in the beverage vending machines. You can switch them between Open and Close via an electric switch. Also, we can use any type of micro controller to open and close as per the desired results. It should also be capable of working with the Internet of Things. Sensoware Mini Motorized Valves are very compact in size. And it can operate very fastly. So that is the reason you can fit our small electric valve into any small machine. Our Valve can also dispense liquids very fast.

Automation in Packaging Industry

Ball Valves are majorly used for control of flow in the packaging industry. Nowadays in the modern era, we are looking to automate our processes. This reduces the contamination of food that is packed and also streamlines the process. It also helps in the overall efficiency of the procedure.

Mini Motorized Valves

Mini Motorized Valves are ball valves operated by very compact motor and gear mechanisms. We have built our valve very compactly to ensure the end-user can fit our valves onto any vending machines they design. Our Mini Motorized Ball Valves operate very fastly to dispense the liquid. Unlike solenoid valves, Motorized valves can also support the flow of some sediments in the medium.

mini motorized ball valve

Basics of Mini Motorized Valves

To understand the basic working principle of a Motorized Valve you follow the below article.

Size of the Valve does Matter?

To use the Motorized valves in a Vending or dispensing machine size really matters. The vending machine hardly can accommodate the size of the cup or holder. So that is the reason we have kept the size of the Motorized Valve unit in mind. Our Mini Motorized Ball Valve is very compact in size to easily fit your vending machine design.

mini motorized ball valve dimensions

Why Fast Action is required for Vending Machines?

Basically Vending Machines or Packaging machines need to dispense the liquid based on ml or weight of the package. So this is the reason why the Motorized valves should be opening and closing faster. The operating time required for valve is around 1.5 seconds.

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