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Motorized Valves with Digital and Analog Feedback Outputs

Motorized Valves are capable of delivering positive position feedback outputs. That means the position of the valve opening and closing are read from the valve stem position. So you can rely on this output for your further automation.

The position feedback can be given in digital as well as analog mode. Digital mode is available for on-off valves and analog mode is available for proportional control valves.

Significance of the Output

motorized valve position feedback

The feedback output is useful when the application or project requires to start of an action or further automation after the valve is closed or the valve is opened.

Application-wise digital outputs will use to control your application concerning the valve position. Analog output like 4-20mA or 0-10V DC from the proportional control valve or modulating valve is used to trigger the automation based on certain trigger values like 10mA or 5VDC.

Motorized Valves Electrical Circuits with Feedback

feedback electrical circuit

The output for the ON/OFF valve will be either voltage output or potential free. And for the Modulating Valves, the output can be either current 4-20mA or voltage 0-10V DC outputs. Few electrical circuits with Feedback Output SA5-01, SA8-01

Few Products with the above features

Motorized Ball Valves – Brass

Motorized Ball Valves – Stainless Steel

Motorized Butterfly Valves

Case Study

Consider we have multiple overhead tanks of a residential building where we need to fill water from a common pump.

In this case, we use a Motorized Ball Valve or Motorised Butterfly valve in the pipeline from the pump to the overhead tank. Now the Motorized Valve will be opened whenever the low-level sensor is triggered and closed when the high-level sensor is triggered.

But now we need to switch ON the pump right! For this automation to be positive and logically right after the valve is fully opened we need to send a signal to switch ON the pump.

This is where the importance of feedback signals plays a role. The major disadvantages of solenoid valves are they don’t provide feedback signals.

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