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110V DC and 220V DC Motorized Valves for Thermal and Hydro Power Stations.

110V DC and 220V DC Motorized Valves (Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves) are used in thermal and hydro power plants. The valve are operated with auxiliary battery power pack of the power stations.

110V DC or 220V DC System supplies direct current as source of operating power for control signalling, relays, tripping and closing of switchgears, emergency motors and valve systems of most important auxiliary system. In the same manner 110V DC and 220V DC Electric Actuated Valves are also used in Power stations.

Requirement of 110V DC and 220V DC Motorized Valves.

Auxiliary power supply of the power stations are supplied by battery pack of either 110V DC or 220V DC. Since there is lack of alternating current, we cannot use a 220V AC or 24V AC or DC Motorized valve.

Alternating Current vs Direct Current

Alternating Current (AC) is an electric current that reverses direction periodically. It’s the type of electricity commonly used in homes and businesses because it can be easily generated, transmitted over long distances, and transformed to different voltage levels. AC power is characterized by its sinusoidal waveform, with the voltage and current alternating direction at a specific frequency, typically 50 or 60 hertz (Hz), depending on the region. This oscillation allows for efficient distribution and use of electrical energy in various devices and systems.

Direct Current (DC) is an electric current that flows in one direction, unlike Alternating Current (AC), which periodically reverses direction. In DC, electrons move steadily from the negative terminal to the positive terminal of a voltage source, such as a battery or a DC power supply. DC is commonly used in applications where a constant and unidirectional flow of electricity is required, such as in most electronic devices, battery-powered devices, and some specialized industrial processes. Unlike AC, which can be easily transformed in voltage and transmitted over long distances, DC power is typically used for shorter-range applications or when a steady, constant voltage is essential.

Sensoware® Motorized Valves running on 110V DC / 220V DC power.

A range of our Motorized Ball Valves and butterfly valves are designed to operate on 110V DC or 220V DC. The electric diagram for the same is below.

We can also provide potential free feedback output from the valve. The output from the valve can be used for several other possible automations those are integrated with the valve system. Our electrical actuated Motorized ball valves and Motorized Butterfly Valves can be offered with 110V DC / 220V DC ON/OFF or Floating options.

For this application the valve will be open or close operation. Also we can offer inching or floating options.

motorized true union ball valve 24vdc

Motorized Ball Valves in all material options

motorized butterfly valves 40mm with manual override

Motorized Butterfly Valves in Cast Iron

automatic butterfly valve upvc 3inch

Motorized Butterfly Valves in PolyPropelene or UPVC

Electrical Circuit for Electric Actuated 110V DC and 220V DC Valves

110V dc and 220V dc motorized valves

220V DC Electrical Circuit for Motorized Valves ON/OFF

110vdc 220vdc motorized ball valves

110V DC Electrical Circuit for Motorized Valves ON/OFF

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