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Multiple Tank Water Level Controller System using Motorized Valves

What is Multi Tank Filling?

Multi tank filling is a system of filling water from the borewell or sump to the multiple overhead tanks.

In Residential and Commercial buildings there will be an overhead tank (OHT) to store water. The Water is pumped to the overhead tank by conventional pumping or hydro pneumatic pumping system (HNS). After storing the water, it is supplied to the occupants of the building through regular piping by gravity method.

Gravity flow vs Hydro pneumatic Flow

Gravity flow is the method to store water in the overhead tank and then supply it to the residents by gravity flow to their taps. 

Hydropneumatic Flow is the modern method to pump the water directly from the source to the taps of the residents using a Hydro pneumatic pumping system. In this method, a certain pressure is maintained in the pipeline using a pressure vessel fitted to the Hydropneumatic system (HNS). In this method, there is no need for overhead storage tanks. 

But this method is very expensive considering the number of apartment units, pumping system costs etc. Also, the maintenance of the very huge plumbing system with a pressured line is difficult and expensive. So to overcome this issue and to take the convenience of the Hydropneumatic system to an extent. Plumbing Consultants and Promoters have come up with a solution of filling only the overhead tank with hydro pneumatic system and flow of water to the residence by gravity. 

This method will fill the water into the overhead tank by a pressurized line. There will be a pressure drop whenever the Valve to a particular overhead tank is opened. Once there is a pressure drop the hydro-pneumatic starts by itself to maintain the set pressure.

Now the bigger question is who will open the valve?

So here comes our Automatic Multiple Tank Filling system equipped with a Motorized Valve operated by Electric motors. The Level Sensor is installed inside the overhead tank to sense the low and high levels and thereby opens and closes the valve.

multiple tank water level controller system motorized valves

Parameters for Selection:

The size of the Pipeline is the only criterion to choose the type of valve. We offer Motorized Ball Valves in Brass for Sizes 25mm / 1 inch and 32mm / 1.25 inch. From 40mm / 1.5 inches we can offer Motorized Butterfly Valve as indicated in the above picture. 

multiple tank motorized valve function

How does it work?

The Motorized Valve of the appropriate size is installed on the pipeline anywhere before the delivery of water to the tank. It can be installed on the ground floor or on the terrace floor. For additional safety, we have designed the system with 12V operation.

Range of Motorized Valves for Multi Tank Filling

6 inch butterfly valve with electric actuator

Motorized Butterfly Valves

electric brass ball valve 40mm

Motorized Ball Valves Brass

motorized actuator valve upvc 50mm

Motorized Ball Valve UPVC

Level Sensor

overhead tank level sensor motorized valves

A pair of Magnetic float sensor is used for the level signaling to the Motorized Valve. The Low Level and High Level sensors are wired into a cable with appropriate color codes. The same can be connected to the electric actuator of the Valves.

The Motorized Valve will open when the water level is reached the low level. Since the pump is hydro pneumatic pump there is no special arrangements required to switch ON the pump. So the water will flow to the tank. When the water level reaches the high level the Motorized valve is closed.

Control unit / Valve Status Indicator

This unit will have a AC to DC stepdown power supply to run the Motorized Valve. This unit has to be mounted on a safe shelter protected from rainwater etc.

This unit can be mounted on the ground floor or the terrace floor. There are 3 indications in the unit namely Power, Open and Close.

When the valve is in open condition the Open LED glows and the Close LED glows when the valve is closed.

Example of our electric valve with feedback system

control unit for motorized valve

By installing this system you can stay rest assured of your Water Management needs in your Apartments.

Advantages of Motorized Valves over Solenoid Valves for this application.

 Advantages of Motorized Valves Disadvantages of Solenoid Valves
 Works in zero pressure. Zero restriction to water flow.High operating pressure required. Will malfunction in low pressure.
Dust, sediments does not affect the function of valve Dust and sediments accumulation leads to malfunction, since the valve operation is based on small pilot hole that might block more frequently.
Absolutely shockproof, operated by small DC voltagesRisk of electrical shock. Requires direct AC lines
Maintenance free, no small pilot holes as seen in solenoid valves.Due to blockage of pilot hole valve might be opened or closed always.

Contact us with your requirement for application suggestions and solutions.

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