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Motorized Valves CPVC for Hot Water

Motorized Valves are used in solar water heating systems. Solar Water heating is a device that uses solar energy stored in panel to heat the water. This Solar Water heater is used to heat water for domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. The heating of water is the most common application of solar energy in the world.

Cold Water is circulated into the tank and left overnight to heat using the Solar Energy stored and then the hot water is used in the morning.

Motorized Valves for High Temperature (CPVC Ball Valve)

Since the operating temperature of the CPVC Ball valve ranges from 90°C to 95°C . So they are best suited for Solar Water Heating Applications. Also this is best suited for any Hot Water Applications.

motorized cpvc ball valve for solar water heater
Using our Sensoware Motorized CPVC Ball Valves, the inlet and outlet of water can be controlled remotely. The valves are available in sizes starting from 1/2″. Also, the voltage options available are 12V DC, 24V DC and 220V AC.

Motorized Valves with Feedback Output

Optional feedback is also available to indicate the valve open and close status. Refer the following article

The Feedback output of the valve is also used for further automations in the project.

A typically Electrical connection

sa5-01 electrical circuit diagram

Motorized Valve in Action!

Looking for Industrial Grade Motorized Valve for Chemical Fluids?

We also have Motorized Ball Valve and Motorized Butterfly Valve for Chemical Applications.

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