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Solar Powered Smart Automatic Ball Valves with Inbuilt Timer

Solar Powered Smart Automatic ball valves could be a great addition to farm automation systems where remote or off-grid operation is necessary. There is no external power is required to operate this Motorized ball valves. Power up the electric valve with our Solar Panel and set the ON and OFF timer. You are ready to go! it opens and closes the valve at the programmed time.

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solar powered irrigation system

Solar Powered Irrigation Systems

Solar energy can be used to power irrigation pumps, drip irrigation systems and control valves which can help to reduce water waste and increase crop yields. Motorized Ball Valves can be easily operated with inbuilt timer to control the flow of water remotely without any human intervention. Our Solar Powered Water Valve uses less power to make the complete system energy efficient and uses less power solar panels. With intelligent battery control system and superior battery quality our system gets more life than any other equivalent system.

Plug ‘n’ Play Solar Power System

Sensoware® Offers a plug and play type solar power system involving a energy efficient Solar Panel with Intelligent Battery backup system. Our Intelligent Power management system controls the charging of battery uniformly throughout the day and stores the power in battery pack.

solar powered water valve

Components Involved

> Solar Power Pack

Solar Power system consists of Solar Panel, Battery pack and intelligent charge controller.

It can be easily installed nearby the Motorized Valve to minimize the usage of cable between the solar power pack and the electric valve.

> Motorized Valve with Inbuilt Timer

Motorized Valve of required size and ports can be used. With smart inbuilt timer control, the valve opening and closing time can be easily programmed to automate the valve.

PVC Ball Valve with electric actuators are available in 2 way and 3 way with inbuilt timers. Timer function is available in calendar days and flexible hour program for ON and OFF of the valve. Upto 15 individual ON and OFF slots can be programmed.

PVC Electric Ball Valves 2 inch Powered by Solar

Our Automatic ball valve with Timer is available in Screwed ends for Agriculture automations for low pressure line. It is very cost effective and easy to install. It is available from 1 inch to 4 inch without manual override versions. The voltage options are available in 12V DC and 24V DC. AC220V on request.


Size50mm / 2 Inch / Threaded Ends
VoltageSolar Powered
FunctionTimer Controlled ON / OFF
Operating Speed60 Seconds
Number of Ports2 Way
Pressureupto 3 Bar