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F1B Exposed Automatic Urinal Flusher Sensor Battery Operated

Original price was: ₹5,278.00.Current price is: ₹3,960.00.

F1B Exposed Urinal Sensor is very easy to install and immediately it will convert your manual restroom to automatic. This compact infrared sensor urinal flusher has two flushing modes. Pre-flush and Post Flush

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Sensoware F1 Exposable Urinal Flusher is a compact system housing an Energy-Efficient Sensor, Electronic flush valve, and Sealed battery pack. Just need to connect the inlet and outlet water hoses to the system, and the unit is ready to flush automatically.

Quickly Convert to Touchfree Restroom with F1 – Exposed Sensor Urinals

F1B – Exposable Sensor Urinals gives a quick and easy upgrade of your restroom from manual to touchfree. The unit is exposed it will normally operate on Battery so that no external wires are needed. This also give a elegant look to your restroom.

Technical Data

Material ABS Plastic
Mounting Wall Mounting
Sensing Range300 to 350mm Factory set
Water Inlet and Outlet Size1/2 inch BSP Male Thread
Power SourceInbuilt Battery
Port Orientation180°


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