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Foot operated taps for Guaranteed Water Saving! in Kitchen

Foot operated taps by name refers to a tap or faucet which is operated by foot or knee. They can be used in Kitchens in home, Canteens with high traffic , Kitchens of hotels and restaurants and Operation theatres.

First and most they are electrically operated foot operated taps and more advantages over Mechanical foot operated taps. They are good choice when it is used for kitchens for washing vegetables, fruits and also for utensils of different shapes and size.

Key Features

Full Port Valve

Our Foot Operated Taps works on our time tested motorized valve platform. They are not solenoid valves which are pilot hole operated. They have full port opening and closing. Thereby gives unrestricted flow of water even in zero gravity pressure

Non Contact Foot / Knee Switch

They are operated by non contact switch so they are waterproof, no mechanical movements so less wear and tear. Since they are waterproof the foot switch can be placed in any type of kitchen environment without thinking about water spoiling the switches. Also they are very feature touch, so no hard pressing is needed with your foot. So they are highly compatible for old age people.

Fast Response Time

Inspite of the product running on our motorized valve technology they are very fast close to 500ms for opening and closing. Resulting in giving the user a good washing experience without waiting time. Yes we don’t want to take your precious cooking time.

Hands free convenience

Above all they are touch-free, so every time you don’t need to touch the faucet knob to open or close with your soapy hands when in the kitchen. Also, it gives a unique washing experience without wasting water.

Water Saving

The water wasted is energy wasted and increases the water flow into the drainage. Energy is wasted in form of electricity used to lift water from the ground to store it in the overhead tank. Water flows only when needed with the press of the footswitch to avoid water wastage.

Compact in size

However, we don’t want to take much of your plumbing space in the kitchen. So we have designed it with minimum contours to easily fit to your kitchens.

You can also read more details and specifications of our product at the following link

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