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F3B Urinal Sensor Kit for Urinal Pot with Sensor

A complete urinal sensor kit is compatible with select integrated urinal pot sensor models for Hindware, Parryware, and Cera. It is a perfect retro replacement kit for all urinal pot sensor models. The sensors are powered by a Sealed Battery pack, eliminating messy cables in your restroom and avoiding the risk of electrical shocks.

urinal sensor kit

F3B Automatic Urinal Sensor Kit Battery Operated


Function Touchless Infrared Sensor
Material Stainless Steel
MountingIntegrated Urinal Pot Compatible
Flush ProgramPre and Post Flush
Water Port Size1/2 inch BSP Male Thread
Power SourceBattery Pack 6V DC
Port Orientation180° / 90° AVailable
Sensor Range300 to 350 Factory set


f1b dimensions
f1 installation

Quickly Convert to Touchfree Restroom with F1 – Exposed Sensor Urinals

F1 – Exposable Sensor Urinals gives a quick and easy upgrade of your restroom from manual to touchfree. The unit is exposed it will normally operate on Battery so that no external wires are needed. This also  give a elegant look to your restroom.

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A glance at some of our User Installations

A very simple installation to make your restrooms fully automatic. Suits most of the manual setup of urinals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Sensor Urinal kit is compatible with all integrated Urinal Sensor Pot types like Parryware, Hindware and Cera.

These sensors detect a user’s presence and automatically trigger a flush after the user steps away, helping to maintain hygiene and conserve water. Our exposed urinal sensors use infrared technology to detect a user’s presence. The sensor emits an infrared beam, and when a user stands in front of it, the beam is reflected back to the sensor, signalling the user’s presence.

Our Exposed urinal sensors are priced at an affordable level; they are pocket-friendly. Our Aim is to make the price affordable so that all public restroom owners can install them, maintain hygiene, and offer pleasant hospitality to their customers.

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