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How to use Manual Override for Motorized Valve V2

Manual Override for Motorized Valve is essential to run the valve manually when there is a power failure. Since most of our actuators are stayput design which cannot be closed during power failure.

manual override for motorized valves

For Manual Override Mode

  • Manual override to be used when there is any failure in the automatic operation. Remove the power supply to the valve.
  • Remove the disengage screw as shown in figure 2
manual override for motorized valves v2
Figure. 2
  • Use the special manual override lever included in the package to operate the valve in manual conditions.
  • Latch the lever to the manual override shaft as shown in figure 3 and rotate as per the direction indicated on the cover.
manual override for motorized valves with lever
Figure. 3
  • Refer the top Position indicator to know the position of the valve opening and closing. 
  • Ensure the shaft is rotated gently and stopped when the indicator shown either full open or full shown in figure 3
  • Rotating further will damage the stoppers and the gears.

For Automatic Mode

  • Put the Manual override Disengaging screw back to its position on the shaft. If the screw cannot be fastened slightly rotate the lever in such a way the screw can be fastened.
  • Now connect the power back and normal auto mode function is restored.
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