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F2B Concealed Urinal Sensor Installation Manual

Fixing the Concealed unit to the wall

  1. Fix the F2B Concealed Urinal Sensor base unit inside the wall cutout matching to the size of the box.
  2. Fix upright so that the Inlet port is on the top and Outlet Port is on the Bottom.
  3. Fix the unit appropriately adjusting the thickness of your wall tiling.
  4. Use Plastic hoses to connect the inlet and the outlet ports.
  • Before connecting the inlet hose to the unit strictly clear the dust particles if any in the pipeline by allowing 1 bucket of water outside.
  • If any dust particles enters the inlet will cause malfunction in the unit.

Connecting the Input and Output hose

  1. Use plastic hose 2 nos (shown in picture below) to connect the inlet and outlets. Metal hose will damage the plastic threaded fittings in the unit
  2. Then connect the inlet and outlet hose. Also connect the outlet hose other side to the urinal bowl spreader.

Connect Battery pack to the unit

  1. After the tile works are over Connect the front panel of F2B Urinal Sensor to the concealed unit.
  2. Connect the Sensor Red connector to the matching female connector of the battery.
  3. Connect the Valve Black connector to the matching male connector of the valve in the concealed unit.
  4. Just connect the 2 connector, just by simply pushing
  5. Once the connector is connected. The sensor unit starts to work. You can see a red LED blinking when the unit senses the user.

Function of the F2B Concealed Urinal Sensor

  1. When the user goes infront of the sensor there will be a pre flush of 1 seconds
  2. After the user leaves the bowl there will be post flushing of 4 to 6 seconds based on the usage time.


1. F2B Concealed Urinal Sensor
Installation Manual | 46.3 KB | pdf
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