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SA802 220V AC 8 Wire

SA802 wire connection is the basic connection for 220V AC Motorized with Floating type ON/OFF Function.

Details of the SA802 connections are as follows

sa802 220vac motorized valve circuit
  • Connect the 220V AC Neutral to the Black colour wire. 
  • To Open the valve, Green wire has to be connected to 220V AC Phase.
  • To Close the valve, Red wire has to be connected to 220V AC Phase
  • As long as you need to open the valve, the green terminal should be connected to phase of 220V AC.


  • At a time both Red and Green should not be connected to 220V AC Phase.
  • Since this is a floating type actuator, as long as the power is given to any direction, the valve rotates and stops when power is removed.
  • Also during the time when the full close or full open limits are trigerred internally thru limit switch the motor stops.
  • When the power is cut the valve stays in the last position.

  • White is the Feedback Input
  • Orange and Brown are Feedback Outputs (NO) for Open and Close position of the Valve resp.


1. SA802 220V AC 8 Wire
Electrical Wiring Manual | 100 KB | pdf

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