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SA503 220V AC Modulating with Analog 4-20mA Signal

SA503 wiring connection is a 220V AC Modulating wiring with no feedback function.

sa503 220vac modulating analog input 4-20mA

SA503 Details of the connections are as follows

  • Connect the 220V AC Phase line to the Red colour wire.
  • Connect the 220V AC Neutral line to the Black colour wire.
  • Connect the Green wire to the 4 – 20mA +ve signal
  • Connect the Yellow wire to the 4 – 20mA -ve signal
  • The 220V AC line to be connected permanently.
  • Connect the Blue wire to the Ground / Earth for safety purposes

How to connect an Analog Input Signal.

Analog signal to the modulating valve is very important to control the position of the valve. Usually, we get the raw 4 to 20mA signal from the sensors like a pressure sensor, temperature sensor, flow sensor, level transmitter etc.

If there is a requirement to manipulate this signal. Suppose you wanted to operate based on the temperature output of an RTD temperature sensor you need a temperature controller that takes input for the RTD probe and then converts the signal to 4-20mA based on your Low and High temperature set points.

This Analog 4-20mA signal can then be used to control our modulating valves.

Remember that working with electricity can be dangerous, so always exercise caution and follow all relevant safety guidelines when working with electrical devices. If you are unsure about how to use a switch or any other electrical device, it is always best to consult a qualified electrician.

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