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SA403 220VAC 3 Point Floating

SA403 220V AC 4 Wire 3-point or Floating point: The actuator has both clockwise (CW) and counter-clockwise (CCW) control inputs. When the voltage is given to one terminal it drives the actuator to its open, the other to its close position. If power is not given to either of the inputs, the actuator simply stays in its last position.

SA403: Details of the connections are as follows

  • Connect the Black Wire to the Neutral of 220V AC
  • Connect the Red Wire to the Phase of 220V AC to Close the Valve
  • Connect the Green Wire to the Phase of 220V AC to Open the Valve
  • The Phase should not be given simultaneously on red and green wires, as that will damage the actuator.
  • Connect the Ground wire to be Ground / Earth of the power source.
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