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SA801 220V AC 8 Wire

SA801 220V AC 8 Wire ON/OFF: The electric actuator will open and close only. It has Potential Free Feedback . If power is removed it wil stay in the last position.

sa801 220vac with feedback

SA801 : Details of the connections are as follows

  • Connect the Red Wire to the Phase of 220V AC
  • Connect the Black Wire to the Neutral of 220V AC
  • These 2 wires to be connected permanently, as this valve requires continuous power for both opening and closing of the valve
  • Green and Yellow wire to be shorted to open the valve
  • Green and Yellow wire if not shorted valve will be closed. 
  • No external power supply to be given to these 2 (Green and Yellow) wires.
  • Green and Yellow wires are carrying by self small DC signal to control the direction of the valve
  • The short can be maintained as long as the valve needs to be opened. But internally the motor will stop after full open. 
  • Blue wire to be connected to the Ground / Earth
  • Feedback input to be given the White Wire
  • Feedback output for the Valve open can be taken from Orange Wire
  • Feedback output for the Valve close can be taken from Brown Wire

Frequently Asked Questions

No this connection is a stayput connection. That means the valve requires continuous power to both open and close the valve. 

Connecting any external supply to the Green and Yellow Wire will damage the electrical board. No external supply to be given 

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